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Our Policies

New client/first class

Unfortunately, we do not offer a first class free at this time. All new clients MUST arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes prior to the start of class. If a new client does not arrive prior to the ten-minute window necessary for equipment orientation and paperwork, he/she will NOT be permitted to join that class and will be asked to reschedule.

This policy is for the safety of our new clients, the respect of our existing clients and the comfort of our instructors. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. 

existing client late arrival

You have a three-minute grace-period after the start of class in which we will save your Mega. Outside of that three-minute window, your Mega may be given to any waitlisted client present in the studio UNLESS YOU CALL THE STUDIO PRIOR TO CLASS START TIME TO LET US KNOW TO HOLD YOUR SPOT.


If you’re on a waitlist, STAY READY! The class roster often moves and there is a good chance you will get a spot in class. As class time approaches, peek at your status in Mindbody.  If you are on a waitlist for a class that you cannot attend, it is up to you to remove yourself from that waitlist. If you’re on a waitlist and added to class, you are booked! This can occur up to one hour prior to class start time.  If you are on a waitlist and cannot attend, please remove yourself via The Method Lagree app, Mindbody app or Mindbody website or a late cancel/no show fee will apply.

If you decline a waitlisted class and it is within the 8 hour cancellation window, it will still be considered a late cancellation and late charge applies. No exceptions. If you opted in for waitlist notifications via text, the “N” response does not guarantee your class is cancelled. Until this bug is fixed (ongoing Mindbody global tech issue) please cancel via alternative methods listed above.

late cancel

Fees for all early morning classes at 5, 6, and 7AM, and ALL Saturday and Sunday late cancel fees are increasing to $25. All other classes remain at $20. Applies to both booked and added from waitlist classes. Late cancellation is 8 hours or closer to class start time, no exceptions. Clients can cancel a class by logging in to their profile via The Method Lagree app, Mindbody app or Mindbody website.


If you are booked in class and do not show up there is a fee of $35.  Applies to both booked and added from waitlist classes.  No show occurs when a class is booked (in advance or added from waitlist), not attended and there is no cancellation.  No exceptions.

DOuble bookings

If you are double booked, you will be removed from the class with the longest waitlist. We do not permit two bookings per day unless you are on a 2 per day membership.

freeze auto pay

Option to freeze auto payment plan with a small fee of $20. No more than 3 freezes within a 12 month period.

grip socks

Grip socks required and are available to purchase at the studio.


Please keep phones in cubbies during class.  They are not safe on the Mega. We welcome pictures and videos before or after class.

Credit card

Current credit card on file required, no exceptions.

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